TOP 7 Best Gloves for Cleaning

If you clean your house regularly, are a cleaning business owner, or a maintenance worker, you must be familiar with cleaning gloves. The gloves provide maximum protection to your hands by keeping them safe from the harsh cleaning detergents and other chemicals. Moreover, some gloves are made for use in hot water and your hands will be safe.

We have featured the 7 best gloves for cleaning below and are sure you will find the right pair based on your needs. When choosing the gloves, you should consider the material used, its elasticity, flexibility, and durability. Check out the mini-reviews below to learn more about some of the most amazing gloves in the market.

Comparison Table

Cleaning glovesSizes availableConstruction material
Playtex Living Reuseable Rubber Cleaning Gloves1 - MediumLatex
Nitrile formula
YSLON Rubber Cleaning Gloves3 - Small, medium, and largeRubber
Playtex Living Reuseable Rubber Cleaning Gloves1 - LargeRubber
EDI Clear Powder Free Vinyl Glove3 - Small, medium, and largeVinyl
Curad Powder-Free Latex Exam Gloves4 - Small, medium, large, and xlLatex
AMMEX - GPNB42100-BX - Nitrile - GlovePlus5 - Small, medium, large, xl, and xxlNitrile
Mr. Clean, 243032 Bliss, Small Gloves1 - SmallVinyl

Mini-Reviews of the Best Gloves for Cleaning

1. Playtex Living Reuseable Rubber Cleaning Gloves (Medium) – Best reuseable rubber gloves

Rubber cleaning gloves might be the best in the market due to their flexibility and elasticity. Furthermore, Playtex is one of the leading rubber cleaning gloves manufacturer hence our fascination with this brand.

With it, you will be able to keep your hands, arms, as well as clothes dry throughout the cleaning process all thanks to the drip-catch cuff.

The palm area and fingertips are well textured to enhance your grip, thus making it possible to properly handle wet objects.

The ultra-fresh technology will inhibit the growth of fungi, mold, mildew, as well as bacteria that could otherwise cause a bad odor. As a result, your hands will still smell fresh even after using the gloves.

When cleaning, you will most likely deal with detergents, soaps, hot water etc. You, therefore, will greatly appreciate the triple-layer thermal protection that protects your hands from harsh chemicals as well as hot water.


  • These gloves are made with a latex/neoprene/nitrile formula for extra strength and durability.
  • They are multi-purpose and reusable for convenience.
  • The fit is incredible so you get a perfect grip for desired comfort.
  • These gloves earned the Good Housekeeping Seal.


  • These gloves are lined with powder, which can be a nuisance.

2. YSLON Rubber Cleaning Gloves – Best solid colored gloves

These reusable YSLON rubber cleaning gloves could help you keep your kitchen tidy. You will get 2 pairs of gloves and 2 cleaning cloths.

These gloves are made using premium quality rubber, which makes them super durable. This is an assurance that you can reuse the gloves to keep your hands fully protected as you clean around the house.

They feature excellent elasticity so they can perfectly fit most palms. The gloves’ design has particles to produce enough friction for a better grip when cleaning.

These gloves are highly versatile since you can use them to clean in the kitchen, dishwashing, wash the car and all indoor and outdoor cleaning purposes.

The solid color gloves will come in handy in protecting your skin against corrosive liquids and harmful chemicals. This is complemented by the lengthened cuffs that will keep your hands and clothing dry as you clean.


  • The cleaning gloves are available in three sizes (small, medium, and large) to meet the needs of a wide variety of users.
  • Offers 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.


  • The large sized gloves may not fit men although they are okay for women.

3. Playtex Living Reuseable Rubber Cleaning Gloves (Large, Pack – 3) – Best multipurpose cleaning gloves

Have you been looking for a top quality pair of gloves to protect your hands as you carry out your household chores? If you have, these multipurpose cleaning gloves are ideal and you can reuse them so they are economical.

They are made in a Perfect Flex design, which gives you a true fit for excellent grip and comfort.

You no longer have to worry about bad odor caused by the use of poor quality gloves since Playtex Living Reusable Rubber Cleaning Gloves are the solution. They are ultra-fresh and clean even after continued use.

They feature soft cotton lining for extra comfort while cleaning. The protective drip-catch cuffs will keep the water from getting to your hands and clothes. Your palm will be super comfy and fingers reinforced so you can work well.

The gloves are made with natural rubber latex blended with durable synthetic Neoprene to provide adequate resistance against chemicals that could irritate your skin. This construction material will also protect your hands against hot water.


  • Provides superior protection and comfort for efficient cleaning.
  • The gloves have a soft and absorbent cotton lining for comfort while wearing.
  • The long Drip-Catch cuffs featured offer extensive protection to your hands.


  • The size might run too small for men.

4. EDI Clear Powder Free Vinyl Glove- Best disposable vinyl gloves – Best gloves for users allergic to latex

These EDI vinyl gloves might be the best gloves for cleaning in the market. Each pack comes with 100 disposable gloves that can be put to use in a wide variety of ways. They are lightweight for ease of handling and offer the best comfort while you cook or clean in them.

They are true to size so they don’t keep sliding off your hands. What’s more, they are powder-free so you don’t have to deal with an irritation as you wear them.

If you have a hypersensitive skin, then you need not to worry since they are made with superior quality material that is latex-free.


  • The gloves fit perfectly for the safety of your hands while using cleaning chemicals and hot water.
  • They are made for people with hypersensitive skin since they are latex-and-powder-free.
  • 100 gloves per box can be used for a while before a new pack is needed.


  • The material is a little too thin so they may tear up as you try to put them on.

5. Curad Powder-Free Latex Exam Gloves- Best form-fitting latex gloves

Do you find the elasticity and flexibility of latex gloves worthwhile? If you do, then these Curad gloves must be on your to-get list. They stretch readily so you get a fantastic fit if you need tactile sensitivity.

They are made powder-free so they are comfortable rather than irritating. They are also textured so you have a reliable grip as you handle wet objects during your cleaning routine.

You will get these gloves in 4 sizes: small, medium, large, and xl. You, therefore, get to choose the size that will fit you tightly for the protection of your hands.

Each pack of these disposable latex gloves has 100 counts. Interestingly, they are multipurpose so you can use them as exam gloves, tattoo gloves, cleaning gloves, or for other related tasks.


  • These gloves are exam medical grade.
  • They provide high-level barrier properties for the safety of your hands.
  • They have a textured surface for a great and secure grip.
  • They feature top-level elasticity so you get the desired comfort.
  • They are strong and durable.


  • They have an unpleasant smell that most users might find uncomfortable.

6. AMMEX – GPNB42100-BX – Nitrile – GlovePlus

AMMEX nitrile industrial gloves might be the best in the market since they offer superior features in comparison to their competitors. They have more elasticity than any vinyl gloves, more abrasion resistant than chloroprene, and the puncture resistance surpasses that of latex gloves.

The palm, fingers, and fingertip areas are textured for improved grip so you can work in wet conditions effectively.

They are made to be 5 mils thick around the palm and fingers so they don’t wear out readily. The black nitrile gloves also come 9.5 inches long so your hands are fully protected from harsh cleaning chemicals and hot water.


  • They are latex-free and powder-free hence suitable for people allergic to natural rubber.
  • The gloves are available in 5 sizes; small, medium, large, extra-large, and XXL sizes.
  • They come in 2 packs: a box of 100 and a case of 1000 counts.


  • They may not be true to size, thus compromising the fit.

7. Mr. Clean, 243032 Bliss, Small Gloves – Best all-round cleaning gloves

Mr. Clean Bliss Gloves are the pair you need to keep your home spectacular. They are made with superior quality vinyl material that is latex-free. This makes them ideal for users allergic to natural rubber and a reliable alternative for high-end brands.

These Mr. Clean gloves feature an ultra-absorbent pillow-soft lining that will not only keep your hands dry, but also super comfy.

You are guaranteed a secure grip due to the Swirl grip technology designed in the gloves. Since the grip is strong, the gloves will not slip off your hands as you go on with the cleaning.

The manufacturer designed these gloves with the aspect of durability in mind. This is because they have a thicker 22mm material.

Being 12.5 inches long, these gloves will fully cover your hands for advanced protection.


  • These gloves are latex, BPA, and Phthalates-free hence suitable for users with a hypersensitive skin.
  • They are made of high-quality thick vinyl that is super durable.


  • The thick material may make the gloves a bit stiff for comfortable wear.

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Gloves for Cleaning

Although most people are not fans of household chores, cleaning is somewhat inevitable. You want the house and utensils to smell fresh and stay clean throughout. Even with brushes and water, you still need cleaning chemicals like soap and detergent to achieve this.

So, how do you protect your hands against these harsh chemicals and hot water when cleaning? The answer is obvious. You need to get a pair of course gloves or a pack for light duties.

Here are some of the factors you need to look out for when buying cleaning gloves:

Type of gloves

As a starting point, you have to choose between disposable and reusable gloves. Although all the above-reviewed gloves are reusable, their strength and durability will determine how many times you use them.

The gloves sold as a pack of 100 or more can be reused probably once because the materials used could wear out after wearing it once since they are ultra-thin.

Even after choosing the type of gloves to buy, some uses may render multipurpose gloves disposable.

For instance, if you wear them to perform a medical task or handle food, you will have to dispose them off for hygiene. However, this only applies to the 100 count and more packaged gloves.


Since you will be handling wet items, you will want to buy gloves with textured fingers, palm, and fingertips. This provides superior grip so the wet items don’t keep slipping as you clean. You don’t want to end up breaking all your glasses or sliding on a slippery surface as you clean.

How excellent the grip of your gloves is will determine the safety of your items and yourself. In fact, some gloves feature the Perfect Flex design that will significantly improve your grip for comfort.

Adequate protection

When buying gloves for cleaning, you need to look out for the protection they will give to your hands. This factor is determined by the strength of the construction material and design of gloves.

Most gloves are made with vinyl, latex, or a blend of rubber and Neoprene. These materials together with a protective design like drip-catch cuff will keep your hands safe from hot water and unpleasant chemicals.

You don’t want gloves that are too thin since they may tear and the chemicals will penetrate to your hands. This will cause itching, burning, irritation, and some issues that could be serious.


You should buy gloves that have a soft lining so the rough material does not keep rubbing directly to your skin and cause injuries. The lining should be made of breathable material like cotton so your hands don’t sweat as you carry on with your cleaning routine.

To ensure the cleaning gloves are comfortable, be sure to get the right size depending on how big or small your hands are. If the brand of gloves you choose is not unisex, then look for gender-specific gloves for a comfortable fit. Note that some gloves are not true to size, hence the need to check the user reviews for reliable testimonials on the sizing.


Wearing poor quality gloves for long may cause the growth of mold, bacteria, or other microorganisms. These will then develop a bad odor that will put away everyone in your household. As a result, go for gloves with an ultra-fresh feature to keep them smelling good for longer.


Getting the right gloves for cleaning will not only make the process simple but also safe. With the best cleaning gloves, you won’t have to deal with dry hands after handling harsh cleaning chemicals.

After reviewing the 7 best gloves for cleaning, Mr. Clean, 243032 Bliss gloves emerged top of our list. They feature a Swirl grip technology so you can handle wet items readily. The vinyl material used is also thick so the gloves serve you for long. The gloves are also made long for more protection of your hands. They have a soft inner lining that is absorbent to enhance your comfort while cleaning.

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